Our peanut Day!

A farmer Friend Let us Buy some Peanuts from him at a reasonable price, so we loaded up with peanut to bring home, MIND YOU! it is a LOT of peanuts!
Here are some pictures.

All of us Kids.
Diving ball! Evan found out that the Peanuts ( still on plants) made a good cushion!
Look at this Plant! it is LOADED!
My Pretty, Adorable, Funny, Cute, Fun, Wonderful Little sister!
"Cheese!" Daddy accidently piled a Pitchfork Full of peanuts on Zeb, Did Zeb care? well, the picture tells.

Sounds like a fun day huh? We've sat here and still have a good deal of peanuts to go, Well, Nellie will certainly enjoy the left over leafs!

By the way, Did you know that peanuts are roots?


  1. Hi Ashley, I'm Tara...a friend of your mamas.

    WOW! I have never seen a peanut bush before!

    No, I did not know they were roots. How cool!!

    You guys look like you had lots of fun.

    What ya gonna do with all those peanuts?

    Such a fun blog you have. I am going to tell my daughter Saige about it, so she can come visit you when she is bloggin' about stuff. :)

  2. We boiled the peanuts, we got 7 bags of peanuts, so far! and we left half outside to dry for seed, also, we gave a lot of plants to our grandparents to boil themselves.

    May I have Saige's blog, if she has one?

  3. Looks like fun! Hope you enjoy the peanuts! :)

  4. Hi Ashley!

    SO you BOIL peanuts? I did not know that. It's a different world up here in the North West.

    Saige's blog is:


    She loved your blog and was very sad about your kittens. She loves cats.

    I need to have her come leave you a comment!


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