to sum up a soul within in a few words, its difficult.  so i hope you don't tire of me if i begin to ramble a bit?

im, first and foremost, a daughter of a King on High, a follower of the Most High, a worshipper at the throne of the glorious King with scarred hands and feet.
which means, i love Him about all other.
i love my fellow mortals, even if they don't believe in my beliefs, because he died for them too.
i love the world around me, for my Lord gave it to us to protect and cherish and because, hey, we live on this green and blue marble.

i want to be an advocate for natural beauty, for the prettiness of rounded faces and large thighs and rippled stomachs because everyone is a work of art that deserves to be appreciated.

i am an avid reader, though as the years have came, my reading has lessened. i yearn to fix that.  i refuse to be an adult who doesn't touch any books but stuffy self helps.

i have a passion for languages, and my plan for my life, while foggy, is hopefully filled with learning new language after new language.  i really don't understand what stops people from speaking in as many tongues as possible.

i come from a big family. bless my parents im still not sure how they do it. im the eldest, and my youngest sibling, a little cute boy who is almost two, was born with cerebral palsy. if you want to see me moved to tears and become a mascara streaked mess, show me that little man moving his tiny, stiff feet as he tries to take steps and walk his way across the room.  i thank God so frequently for a batch of younger siblings that taught me patience and love for children (i honestly dont understand how people can say they dislike children) and for giving me my littlest brother to give me a love, an understanding, a heart, for those with disabilities. it has made me raw and sensitive in a way i was never raw before.

i have a love for asia, more accurately, east asia.  at first, it started out as an interest, but recently i have begun to wonder if it is more a God given kindling.  im greatly excited to see where my life goes and if it heads in a eastern-wise direction.

im a writer, though, my pennings are often loathed and im not nearly as active in my writing as i'd like.  i need to stop judging my art so harshly before i scare myself away from one of my most favorite of things.

i have a chiweenie puppy named mocha, and a rose haired tarantula named boudicae. both are my sweet girlies.

i enjoy photography, and debated launching a business, but i realized that i preferred it as simply a hobby, for now at least.  ive noticed i begin to hate doing things that i make into a business. and i wanted to keep continuing to love being behind a camera.

i really like cheesecake.

my name is ashes/ashley/ashleigh.
im the unlikely girl.