At the lewis home!

Ok, here is your post Hannah! ;-)

We needed some improvments around the house, and so we got together and fixed up uor homes, sorry, I don't have any pictures of the lewis at our house, not any good ones anyway.

Shauna, Isaac and Elijah reading together,

Me, Molly, Sam, Luke, Caleb and Maryvance playing snitch,A REALLY fun game!!

The adults playing some '80s game, they enjoyed it all the way through!!

The littles watching " The Fox and the hound", must be pretty interesting,just look at their faces!
Also, the next day, the Dads installed three lights will Maryvance, Isaac, Elijah, Evan, Zeb, Shauna, Kyla, RooRoo and Luke made a huge leaf pile, then took turns jumping in it! during that time the Mamas wen't to the store and got some things for lunch (or was it Supper??)
We had loads of fun! we enjoy going over to freinds houses so very much!


  1. Hello! Just dropped in to say howdy! I noticed you and I are sooooo alike! I would love for you to visit our blog! go to mysimpleblessedlife.blogspot.com to see it! By the Way, I love Barbaro too!

  2. Thank you! :) Yeah...Stephen and Robin LOVE that movie. I havn't played snitch in a while...:( I'll have to soon... :)

  3. Nice pictures!!

    Yay!!! You FINALLY posted something!!!

    (look who's talking...I havent updated My blog since, like last year sometime! LOL!)


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