Happy birthday to me!

yes!! I am 13!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Ashley!!!
    So, what are you planing to do for your birthday?!
    Hope you have fun!!


  2. We had planned to go to Tennessee, but plans changed and now we are just going to Prattville Alabama, but, Guess what???? since we are going to Alabama for Evan, Daddy decided to buy me A camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we are going to rent a hotel ( or, Most likely a Motel) and Mama and I are going to share a room while everyone else can cram into a room :-). you know though, I'm not upset, I'm just glad I get a camera!!!!! it is a nice one, around 300-400 $, I would have to save a long time to get it!! it is a Canon power shot G10, we ordered it from the Canon website. I am SO exited!!!!!!!


  3. WOW!! That is very exiting!!! I hope you guys have fun!!! When are you leaving for Prattville? and when are you coming back?

    P.S take a look at Mama's blog! (I posted some pics from the beach!)


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