When oh when?

Will My camera be here???

I know, I am being impatient, but it so hard to wait!!

Meanwhile, We went to Tallahassee yesterday, and the day before that,


we went to Sam's club, we didn't get much,
we were going to go to cold stone creamery ( a DELICIOUS ice cream store, they are pretty expensive, but we have this pass like thing that you get a free ice cream on your B-day, Guess who's turn it was???) but they are in the Mall and, it being Valentines day, it was PACKED!, so, we scratched that off the list,
and We ate at A Chinese restaurant ( My pick) with our Grandparents, to which, My Nana ( Grandmother Does NOT like odd food, I sat down beside her with my Crawdad, Crab leg, Clams, you know, REAL Chinese food and she was eating stuff like Fried chicken, Mac'n'cheese that kind of stuff, well, she thought that My good food was weird looking, oh well, not everybody has my Wonderful taste! Although, Evan also eat that American food, you know, CHINESE restaurants should carry CHINESE foods, not AMERICAN foods! like Pizza hut doesn't carry Hamburgers! well, enough of food!
OH!! I forgot that Daddy also got a new Smoker,He LOVES it!!!!! he can smoke 15-20 Boston Butts, which is A LOT of room compared to our old one! Tonight we're eating some meat that Daddy is smoking, right now he is cooking it. Can't wait! mmm Boy! we had to borrow Poppy's (Grandfather) truck to tow it over.

The next day we returned poppy's truck, and went shopping, sadly we where in a time crunch ( there was church that night) so we could not go to Cold stone creamery, :-( .

well, I think that's all,

Maybe My Camera will come tomorrow, but Mama said it will come by Fed-ex, today is Presidents day, so, I wonder if they stopped work for today, the shipment notice siad it would take two -three work days, it was shipped Friday, so Sataurday and Sunday don't count, but I wonder if they observe Presidents day, if they do then it will come Teusday or Wensday, So I'm hoping it will come tommarow, not Wensday!!

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  1. sounds like your pretty busy!! And I know how you feel about your camera... I would be really excited too. And I'd probably be impatient about it too. :) Hope it comes soon....today is Tuesday so maybe it'll come today!!


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