Our strawberry picking day!!

ok, here the are the pictures of our strawberry picking day!
there was tons, I mean TONS of unpicked strawberries!
they said (meaning the people who work and own the farm) said that they had picked the feild clean, and they just come back, just as many as before!
A strawberry flower, there is some good Photography opportunity there!
ripe berry,
Sorry that the picture is crooked. a young strawberry,
Everybody picking....except Evan, he's eating :-)
Mama and Shauna,
a basket o' berries,
Zeb, the master picker, really, he filled his basket, then half way did mine while I brought the little girls to the restroom, then helped strawberry eater Evan pick his basket, Daddy said that every time he looked over at Evan, Evan was eating!
Daddy took this picture, that is why I am in it,
"look at this one!, it has a crown!"
Benna enjoyed helping us pick t he green ones and eating the red ones, ;-P
no, really, Benna got so excited when she got a red one, but she also did a lot of eating,
the rows and rows and rows of strawberries!
when We where finally done We looked at the animals and the younger girls posed as 'miss strawberry', i think that the head hole was a little bigger then their own head, I don't know if ANYONE could have a head THAT big!

both Annaruth and Kyla could stick there heads in it!

I will only post my favorite of the animals, they had some Honey bees and the neat thing about the bee hive was that is was clear!
the above picture is of the pipe where the bees came in,
it is a bad picture, but it is plastic, so the reflection was annoying!
this is of the hive,
they had a couple of bull calf's in a pen, this one was my favorite, it looks like it is a jersey, there was also two black&white calfs,
oh, you can't forget the goats!<3
A pretty bunny, they also had a B&W one, but he/she was being naughty and not letting me take a picture of him/her,
and the chicks! they where selling them for 1.50 each, there was road island red, barred rock and and some sort of rare blue something.

there was also peacocks,
chickens ( including a REALLY weird looking rooster)
some Holstein cows w/ calfs

ok, there ya go, our strawberry pickin' day!


  1. looks like dun! and about the eggs, I think my mom was using it for the cornbread..mmm!!

  2. Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun!!! :-)


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