Baby birds! yep, its spring! ( a hot one though!)

Evan and Zeb found some Blue jay chicks a few days (or was it weeks?) ago, and yesterday, Evan went to check on them and they 'screamed' at him then flew towards him! they all flew out of their nest, so We had fun catching them and putting them back, and then today Zeb went to check on them (for some reason he did not learn from what happened to Evan the day before!) and the same thing happened!
so, today We got to put them where they belonged....again.
but, those chicks decided they did NOT want to go back into their cozy, safe home, so the boys locked the cats up and let them fly around, or hop around, whatever be their choice!
oh....and would you believe it....today the boys found Mocking bird eggs.....the boys let Kyla go up the tree, and suddenly the Mama decided to see her babies, so Kyla got down that fur tree real quick!
hope the same thing doesn't happen as the blue jays!
I would show you the Blue jays in pictures, but all the pics that the boys took aren't very good,


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