Our holiday (memorial day)

Okay, for Memorial day we had planned to have some close friends and some of Mama's family over at our house, plans changed, (like they always do) and We ended up having our 'party' over at our good friends the Lewis', plans changed again, none of Mama's family could make it,
so, We decided to have the Bates, Demarcos and Nissleys over, We had also invited Nana and Poppy, but Poppy pulled his back, or something like that, so they couldn't make it.
Meanwhile, Daddy had cooked up LOADS of food!
Boston Butt, Ribs, some sort of beef, chicken (??).
not to mention the deserts (Zeb sayed to tell you that he made some DELICIOUS blackberry cobbler!), baked beans and Mashed potatoes too!! there was other sides I think, but just can't remember them.
so, We had a good amount of people, but not enough to eat all the food!
so for lunch the following day or two, We had left overs to eat.

Uncle Lonnie and Shauna,
Landon receives LOTS of love when he is in Evan's arms!
Annaruth looking at a 'I spy book',
the Men folk chatting on the back porch,
Aunt Alma and Maryvance oohing and awwing over the sewing Machines,

the chef,
Mrs.Caresse (did I spell that right??) must be a wonderful book reader!
this picture TOTALLY Describes Maryvance!!! (Molly, you should do a many faces of Mary' post on your blog!!)
We had TONS of food!! I know that in that picture it doesn't look like much..but the bulk of it was still cooking then.

Aunt Alma, Nehemiah, and Aunt Dana,
Zeb and Elijah playing some sort of game on the computer,
Shauna and Isaac playing with the playmobils.

to let you know....these pictures are only from Memorial day, We ended up staying about the WHOLE week...but We had fun and good fellowship.


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