" begininng road work"

Here as of late, our road has been under road work, Sorry that the pictures where so bad, but it was getting dark, and wasn't a good time for picture taking.

they dug up a good deal of trees, it is neat to watch them work!
two tractors,

tire tracks,

all the wood We have gotten from fallen trees,

oh, and this is my rather un-smart dog, just laying in the road....you would think getting run over would teach him NOT TO DO THAT??

there ya go...I am going to tinker with my blog a bit.

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  1. thE pictures are too daRk for me too see... maYbe you could take some during the dAy sometime...

    yOu have a siLly dog! buT i guesS he probably gets up whEn a car comes, riGht?!


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