look what We found!

I had thought that they where missing! (the white kitten's sister was hiding somewhere so I didn't get a picture of her, and blade, the B&W kitty died)

His name is Ivory...but that name does'nt fit him, Any ideas??
isn't he so sweet and cute?? I <3 LOVE<3 this kitten, he must have a bit more siamese then the rest of our white kittens that where born around here


  1. awww he's sooo cute!!! I want him! ;)

  2. Well, If the yoders (Mr. Ben and Mrs. Carol) don't want him...you can take him!

    His tail is like a dark gray and he has patches of white on him, but he is mostly off white/cream.


  3. He is a very pretty kitty!!


  4. I am thinking of re-naming him 'Siam'
    do you like??



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