nothing interesting has been going on...just life.

I am SO ready to go swimming!! it is too, WAY TOO hot!

We just ate some nice, juicy, water-y watermelon! it is SO good! I sat in the same spot and there was a good size puddle of juice!

the road is changing SO much! it seems so large now! they have been filling in the pot holes and cutting down trees, TONS of trees!! they are cutting them down and placing them in piles on some ones property, there are like 4 or 5 LARGE piles! that is gonna be one HUMONGOUS fire1 I'm sure that the Fire dept. are going to have to come out and supervise!

Last night We headed to wal-mart to bye baby things :-) We bought pacifiers! We are going to try pacies with this one, I hope it works!

Today: HOT, 103
Tonight: Mostly clear, 75
Sunday: HOT 102
Monday: Slight chance of t-storms, 99
Tuesday: Chance T-storms, 98
Wednesday: Chance T-storms 98
AH!! it is going to get cooler towards the end of this week!!!!!!!
Hip hip hooray!
Where My pen pal lives the high for the week is 85...85!! makes me envious!

Word of the day is.....
\stuh-KAH-toh\ adjective
1 a : cut short or apart in performing : disconnected b :...

I get it from this online dictionary.

here recently We watched 'Bolt'
It was a good, but weird movie.

Daddy and my 2 brothers are out taking wood from where the road crew has placed them, hey, if all there gonna do with them if burn them, then We might as well use them for Daddy's cooking!

okay...Ive got to go now, been adding to this post long enough!
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