Not much today....

There isn't much going on today, Zeb's b-day is in 6 days, So I helped him look on Vision form to create his b-day list, it now has a total of like 22 items!
I have some pictures that need to be downloaded so you can see more pics of my adorably cute baby brother!!!! ;-)
gotta go now, I have to go drag meself to eat. ;-)



  1. 6 days?? And he will be about eight, right?! :-D YES! We wanna see more pictures!!

    'Drag yourself to eat'? What? Are they eating something you don't like? Or are you not hungry?
    Who brought y'all supper tonight?

    Off to bed, good night! See you tomorrow!

  2. Molly~ We fixed our own food, Daddy wanted to smoke something, But I just wasn't hungry, I only ate about 4-6 bites, you know that feeling that you aren't hungry, nor STUFFED but all food just tastes bland? thats what I felt like.



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