Miss me?

have ya?
well, now I'm back on....and SO much has happened since my last post!!!!!!!
is you think your life is dull and nothin' ever happens, take 2 weeks off from posting, you'll find there is a lot more to life then you think!!

No pictures today, sorry readers!

*1* WE GOT CHICKENS!!!! there are 12 of them (1 rooster, 11 hens) they lay about 2 eggs a day, but We got them from our neighbor, and they aren't fed any egg starter, yet, so they are basically just fed stuff to keep'em alive, not produce eggs, so I guess that is pretty good!
Some are black, and some are white, the Rooster is white, and they lay white eggs, (the Eggs are pretty dirty though!) and did you know Chickens can eat just about anything other then raw meat? you can feed them that left over ham! (make sure it isn't moldy though!)
I've been reading a book called 'the encyclopedia of country living' it is a REALLY good book! it tells you all sorts of things!

*2* We had 2 baby Guineas as well! I say 'had' not 'have' cause they died the night We got them, so sad! We where getting all excited, chickens AND Guineas....then there they go.

*3*Benna is almost potty trained! YAY!! no more Diapers (hopefully!!) to change!!

*4* Titus is SO big!!! 4 weeks....where did it all go?

*5* I've gotta make a birthday cake today....Mama and Benna are sharing one, chocolate with chocolate icing! Mama just turned 34 and Benna will be 2 in a few more days!

*6* Today feels REALLY good! I don't know what the temp is...but it is cool and breezy!

*7* I feel so gross and dirty, I've been helping clean the new cages (for our new chickens)...and can you say dirt, Roaches, dirt, more roaches, spiders and more roaches??

*8* I've got some neat photography to show you....but you'll just have to wait until I post next time!


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