one of our chickens is a rare breed!!

She is this hen that looks different then the rest of our hens....most of them are White leg horns (here is what they look like when chicks....even though they aren't chicks, but I just found this picture and thought you'd want to see them!;-) and a few are black Australorps, (I spelled that Right..... right??) but this one hens is different, Mama has done some research, and she found out that she is a American Dominique!!
Dominique's are a rare breed and can be good 'nanny's' which means that they will lay on another hans eggs.....birds like the leg horns have had the 'mama' instinct bread out of them, so they won't sit on eggs, just leave them, even if they are fertilized (is a 'alive' egg, can become a chick). But, sadly, our Dominique doesn't sit on others eggs, so if she doesn't start laying eggs soon, she'll be moved to the soup pot. :-(
In case you wannna see, this is what Dominique's eggs look like.

here is another website that you might enjoy!! McMurray hatchery



  1. Cool! It looks a lot like a Silver Laced Wyandotte. Do you know how old she is? 'Cause if she's too old, then her meat would be kinda tough... right?

    So how many eggs are y'all getting a day now??

    Australorps, yup, you spelled it correctly! :-D
    Where did you read that they are a 'rare breed'?

  2. Molly~ about her being a rare breed...Murray hatchery says so, cause Dominiques are under the 'rare breed' category, there are a fe2w other websites that mama looked up that said so as well, but she closed them down, (sigh).

    And We have no idea how old she is....maybe Hannah will, since We got her from her brother! ;-)



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