guess what I get to do??????

I get to.... (drum roll please)......take pictures for a Friend's wedding!!! of course, if you read my blog frequently, you'll know how much I enjoy photography! now I will be a photographer for a wedding!! (and the ONLY one, so far!).

sure, I'm nervous, but Mama is confident in me, the wedding is 3 days, just 3 more days to wait, just 3 more days to feel anxious, just 3 more days to feel excited, just 3 more days!!



  1. thats really cool! who's wedding??

  2. We are gonna be taking pictures too... after the 'wedding'... so you won't be the "only" one, well you will be the "only" one in the actual 'wedding', but you won't be alone after the wedding... am I making any sense? ;-D


  3. Hannah~ the Bates' wedding, don't you remember?

    Molly~yeah, I knew that, but for the 'professional' I'll be the only one pretty much!


  4. Ashley, you did a great job!! Wish it had suited me to do it, but then you wouldn't have had the opportunity! ;)


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