My New 'look'


So? do you like?
I guess this is kinda late, I got My glasses on veterans day..yeah, kinda late.

But I like them, When I first got my glasses I found out I could SEE things!!
I always thought I had OK sight, but these proved me wrong!!!
We had originally thought they would only be reading glasses, but I put them on and said
"Wow! Whataburger has ripples on there roof!"
and all that day I kept saying stuff like "I can read that print from here!"
sssooooo....I wear them all the time, which isn't bad, and Mama has finely proved to me that I don't look 'weird' with'em, despite Zeb saying after I had worn them for a bit "Ashley! you look like a CLOWN with those on!"
-roll eyes-



  1. I think they look nice!!

    And you DO NOT look like a clown!


  2. Beautiful! ;-) I love my glasses... so glad that someone else sees what wonderful things they are. ;-) Thanks for sharing a pic!
    ~ Susanna

  3. Molly~ thank you.

    Susanna~ Thank you too. Mama wants to get Contacts for herself, but I'd rather stick to glasses, I've watched someone put contacts on, and it gives me shivers to think of it.
    I like glasses a WHOLE lot better!!



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