I'M BACK!!!!!

Yes! not for long, since tonight is Family/game night, But I'll give a quick update!

* We got a new Puppy! He is named Sargent Theodore, Sarge, for short, Daddy found him in the shop at his work, and Daddy brought him home, planning to put up found signs, and, We still have him, all of Us, From Daddy down to Lil Titus like Sarge, so, he is the newest addition to our Pets!

* Speaking of Adding pets, this spring We are going to get some Chicks! doesn't that sound like fluffy fun? Hens and a rooster (or two) are planning to be added to our Coop!

* We re-arranged! the Girls once more have Our own room, the Boys have their own room, and Mama and Daddy don't share their bedroom with Mama's sewing room! I hope to put pictures up, at some point of time, but you KNOW how I am about blogging......

* I'm going to sew soon! I'm going to sew soon! I'm going to sew soon! I'm going to sew soon! I'm going to....

* I'm learning sign language to the song,'Sing hallelujah', not too difficult,

* I have decided I want to learn to play the harp.

* We might play pictionary tonight!

* my birthday is in 5 more days! I want to go to the beach.

Wwweeeellll...guess thats it folks!hopfully I'll be able to do a photo update soon...but not now, Sorry!



  1. Wow, a new puppy!! Do you know about how old is?

    I see you are excited about starting to sew, I was when I first started too!

  2. Woohoo! You are F.I.N.A.L.L.Y back!! :-D Do you know what breed of chicks y'all are gonna get? I won't pester you for pictures of your house, cause I've already seen it! ;-D Like Susan said, you should learn the whole song, and do it in front of church! And if you ask them REALLY nice, maybe your brothers could sing it for you!! LOL!!

    Well, thanks for the update!

  3. Paige~ He is around 6 months,

    Molly~ hmmm.....I don't think my brothers would do that, But Shauna is learning to sign it as well!

  4. I don't think they would either! I was just kidding!! ;-D


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