Pictures from the Jazz festival!

Thia was a funny sign on the building behind us,

Our BBQ booth,

This was a old Coca-cola cooler, as you can see, AND it was for sale,

It was my job to watch the little girls, So first they participated in a sidewalk chalk drawing contest,

and they got VERY dirty doing that!! ;-)

Then they made pinch pots. Benna,




And painted, Shauna and Annaruth,


And Kyla,

there was a Mural art, which they did a little, but by the time We got there it was already mostly done,

This was a Chalk drawing that a man worked on nearly ALL AFTERNOON! it was neat to watch him draw it,

There was a Old car show, (I LOVE OLD CARS!!)

There where SO many dogs!! Chihuahuas to....

....Great Danes! I'm not going to post ALL the dog pictures I took, but there where Poodles, French Mastiffs (THAT was a HUGE dog!), Cocker spaniels, Chocolate labs, and a bunch of other breeds!by the way, That cute Lil Chihuahua in the picture, is now Our puppy.....;-P,

And last of all....a fun car picture I took....Like I said before, I LOVE old cars!

so....there is the Jazz fest pics, Hope you enjoyed!!


  1. I really like your car pictures! There is something awesome about them isn't there!
    That chalk drawling is AMAZING!!! But who would want to sit there ALL afternoon! lol :P

  2. LOL! That sigh is funny!!

    Looks like the little girls had lots of fun with all the art type stuff!

    Wow!! That chalk drawing is REALLY good!!

    I love Great Danes! (of course that doesn't really mean anything considering I like almost every kind of dog! :-D)

    Thanks for posting the pictures!!



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