Black cat (s), crossed OUR path...LOL.....

Yup, Lil fuzzy black kitten cats..

We where coming home from the Lewis', when Daddy saw this black, fuzzy ball on the road, Daddy wanted to see what it was, pulled over.....It was a little black kitten.
SSooooooo He got out to rescue the poor thing, But as Daddy and Mama picked up the critter (which was COVERED in white gooey stuff...) they heard another 'Meow' coming from the bushes, so they went over, and found ANOTHER black kitty that was sopping wet (it has been raining A LOT here) and covered with the same sticky white stuff.
so, We took them home, and while Mama cleaned them, she found out that the white, sticky, gooey stuff was FLY EGGS!!!
but after they where cleaned completely up, they where so cute, long thick fur, and not a speck O white fur on'em!
Our conclusion:
there are some VERY superstitious folks around here, And they probably dumped these poor little kittens off, because they are all black (ya know, black cat myth? -rolling eyes-)...But We took them in (actually, the Lewis have them right now, one of their Mama cats is being a nurse maid.. :-[) But that is just plain out C.R.U.E.L these kittens are no more than 4 weeks old (we're thinking) They could NOT take care of themselves....just cruel.

We think they are both boys, so, naming them after the black cat myth, We named them Twilight and Phantom.... :).

I think (more like I HOPE) We keep them...but nothing is guaranteed.

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  1. Awww that's so sad Ashley, poor kitties! I'm sooo happy that you found them though! =)

    God bless!
    (= Paige =)


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