Our Thanksgiving trip!

Howdy! I got back from the office with Daddy where I have been working for M. Elevators, (No, I haven't crawled into a elevator pit, I've been taking pictures of the employees for ID cards now needed if you plan to work on a elevator), So we got here and My Aunt Jody and Uncle Jimmy have come for a visit! (if I get pictures of their visit, I will try to post them. TRY.)

But, anyway, I thought now was as good time as ever to publish those thanksgiving holiday pictures!

Pics first, photography next, story last, sound good?


 Aunt Amy's HUGE TV....the little ones spent a good deal of our time there watching TV. In that picture, that was a show disputing the bible, interesting, but whoever produced has OBVIOUSLY not read the bible through and through. It is MUCH more than a 'historic document'!
 We had a fish supper the day after thanksgiving, complete with shrimp, grouper, and all other odds of water born creatures. LOL, nothing weird though.
 Aunt Amy (L) and Mama (R)
 This bench was at the beach we went to, pretty awesome, really.
 On our way home, We drove through Downtown Jacksonville. glad I don't live there!
 Almost all of us, Evan and Titus where in the van, changing Titus' wet clothing.
Left to right: Ruby, Shauna, Zeb, Aunt Amy,  Ruthy, Mama, Me and Kyla in my lap.
 We where able to catch MeeMaw (Mama's Mom) at home depot. L to R.
Me, Shauna, Ruby, Meemaw, Evan, Zeb, Ruthy, Titus and Kyla.

 A old car sighted on the way home.....I fell in love.
 This is where the pelicans sit and gossip.
 He must have some pretty interesting gossip....cuz he is comin' in for a landing!
 And I think these are the social outcasts....they look sad, nobody wants them in their little gossip group. poor guys.
 Ruthy at the beach, what'dya think my editing job?
 This guy SO fit with his dock surroundings, he was just a few feet from the outcast pelicans, and was the owner of the shop where we bought our seafood.
 beach scene.
 Titus had SO MUCH FUN! he loved it all, birds, waves, sand, shells, getting incredibly wet and sticky, he loved it all!
Zeb and da birds.


 A pretty water fountain @ Aunt Amy's,
 We visited a Church with some friends, and the pastor pointed out this verse, I thought it went REALLY well with this picture, and was just interesting, we will flourish with God, hmm, so I hunted it up and placed it on!  In case you can't see it very well, it says, " The righteous will flourish like a pal tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon; planted in the house of the LORD, they will flourish in the courts of God" Psalms 92:12-13.
 I named this picture 'Freedom'. I just love this photo, don't you?
 The white balance was way off, but with a lil bit of abobe photoshop magic, voila!
 This is my new most favorite photo, it really is. I love the way it looks all old and rustic, it adds to the feel. If you want to see the before and after shot, you can go to my Photography blog.
 Sea oats.
 More sea oats,
 still more sea oats. Do you like the above one better, or this one?
 This one is named 'Paradise'.
 I think this one turned out pretty cool, the coloring just fits the beachy/rusticy feel.
 I also love this shot.
 AND this one....
 and this one turned out pretty nice.
 And I really like this one as well.
Last one. This charming pair where at a Cracker Barrel where we stopped at to eat Dinner, I saw them and had to take a picture, bustling crowds, or not.


Now, I've showed you in pictures and photography (yes, I feel there is a BIG difference in 'pictures' and 'photography', don't you?) our trip, now I'll tell you in words. *smile*.

We headed out Thursday morning for Jacksonville. We had to stop a couple of times to let the girls and Ella take a potty break. But we got there about 2-3ish, and that was still before everyone else who lived somewhat locally. The Girls lounged around and watched TV a bit. We had the regular thanksgiving course (all but the Pumpkin pie, at which I was a little more than slightly missing). At around 4-ish more family started arriving. Peepaw, Uncle Nathan and Aunt Angel, all of my cousins whose names I can't seem to remember, forgive me. It wasn't a very big gathering, but seeing how we haven't had one in years, it was wonderful. After supper, the Adults sat around chit chatting. And My two brothers discovered Connor's (Aunt Amy's son, he is 16) X-box. That is all that is needed to be said about THAT.
I pretty much watched Titus and My little cousin (I think he name was Tristen but I'm not sure...) Who claimed me and would not go to anyone else.
The next day Aunt Amy and all of us went to Fernandina beach (which was the town Mama was born).  Titus had so much fun, this being only his second beach trip. The girls had fun getting in the waves, and thankfully they where wearing their pants, you can roll pant legs up, but you can't roll dresses up!
The beach was really pretty, and since it was a somewhat chilly day, there wasn't very many people in bathing suits, which was really nice.
After our beach fun, We stopped at a local seafood shop, right on the docks! there was boats just a few feet from the building.  (that was where I got the picture of the guy with white mud boots). We then headed 'home' and had ourselves a good shrimp, grouper and some other fish supper! complete with red potatoes, and all the other goodness to go with it!
The boys spent a HUGE amount of time on Connor's X-box. Almost all day.
After supper, the girls watched TV but soon dropped out.
While the boys continued running away from the police on the X-box, Me, Mama, Daddy and Aunt Amy watched a bit of "Ghost labs' on the TV. Those guys are nuts. Hear me? N_U_T_S! RETARDED!
 The next day we started packing up, but had to hurry because Mr. Steve (a dear friend who offered to house watch for us) said our calf was acting funny, so we said a hasty good-bye. But We decided to stop by Home depot where MeeMaw was, though we didn't have a lot of time, and it would've been nice if we could have visited at her house, but time didn't allow that.
anywho, that is that.  All in all, it was nice, I hadn't seen Aunt Amy and all since July 4th, and it had been even longer since I saw Uncle Nathan's family. 
I'm hopeful that this can be arranged for next year, But our family is so bad with get together!

Well, there is the post I have promised!

Now, off to watch a movie and eat Dinner!

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