I'm so happy.

~1~ This weekend will be spent with best buddy #1.
No...not Padme.

 ~2~ I just had a coffee.  That is SURE to make me happy.

~3~ I am going to watch the OLD Sherlock Holmes this weekend!!!

~4~ I am ALSO going to watch 'Great Expectations'.  What could be better?
That is my MOST favorite scene in the book!!  In case you didn't know.  I ♥ Magwitch!

~5~  I have had a week off from school!!!! WOOHOOO!!

~6~ I'm barefoot. Which is ALWAYS a happy thing.
~7~ It is Spring. Though right now, it feel like Summer.

~8~ I got a REALLY good Dandelion picture yesterday. But it won't upload. Sorry.

Why are YOU happy?

I thank Wikipedia.org for them.


  1. Can't wait till this weekend either!! :D

  2. This weekend is going to be fun for me, too!!!!!


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- Blaise Pascal