In Honor of Star Wars day....

I'm awarding EVERYONE who considers themselves such.

Take the award.
If you want to award someone else, that is fine.

There it is! 

NOW for some totally SW pictures!!
His Eyes are freakin' me out...


"Don't look back".

As a kid=Very cute.  As a Jedi=okay. As a Sith Lord=rocking, as a repented Jedi=best.

Get ready for a LOT of Padme....I love her. 

"SO this is how Liberty dies. With thunders of applause".  I actually put that as a Journal entry when Obama was elected.  Yeah.

{Sniff} Lucas has a lot of guts killing her!!  I would've moused out of it.  Maybe.

I want a funeral JUST LIKE hers.

I like her gun,  So does my brother.  Ebay?

Ok. Done with Padme.  Now on too.....LEIA!

I want a dress like this.

My brother informed me that I HAVE to use this one. ok.

Ok. And I'm outa here!! 

Happy star wars day!


  1. Happy Star Wars Day!!!!! :)
    I love that award. I'm takin' it! XD
    Aww! I only could see some of the pics, but a lot showed up. I LOVE a ton of those!!! :) Yay!!! *sigh* I am SUCH a fangirl....XDD

  2. May The Fourth be with you too!

    I loved the Star Wars movies (the newer ones) and went to see them all. Love the pics xx

  3. Looove Star Wars! :D May the Force be with you! :D :D


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