Something {VERY} new here!

Shiloh May H.  My sweet, little sister.

Sweet little girl,
Heaven  on earth.
Innocence sweet,
Love here you meet.
Oh, how blessed are we
How hath God ever gifted us so?

May love to you flow,
Always should happiness come and sadness go.
Yes, Sweet little Shiloh, you do we love.

I'd heard of making a poem using the first letters of a person's name to start a new line, and I figured I'd do it for my Angel Princess.

Noe for pictures of my Lady herself:
Isn't she the sweetest?  Now we top out at 6 girls and 3 boys.  Poor guys, they're kinda out numbered!

Yesterday, the day started out as usual. We had plans to go to Tallahassee, and were actually going to get belly pics (me as photographer) of Mama and the baby.  We were gathering a few odd and end props when Mama started having some trouble, Long story short, Daddy rushed her to the ambulance station, since the hospital he wanted her at was a drive away.  Later we asked Daddy how fast he drove, and his response was- well....maybe I'll not tell.  But, anyway. Mama was being driven there and a friend picked all of us up.  Before the friend got there, Me and my 3 younger sisters (the 4th couldn't yet understand what was happening) had a good bawl and pray party.  Even my tough 13 YO brother was shaken up (now he is going to kill me if he finds out about this).  Anyway, after spending a day with those WONDERFUL friends ({Wink} Joanna...Caleb may be excused from this compliment. He is weird. Just joking!), Mama and Daddy called, saying all was fine, it was just the beginning of labor.  Well, they picked us up, and were headed home (Mama preferred having her Midwife, not the Dr's at the hospital to the 'duty' and we didn't quite know how soon, they had said it could be that night, or a week.  It was rather early for her to be going into labor anyway).  We weren't even home yet when Mama asked Daddy to call the midwife.  She was sure it was about time.   Us older 3 cleaned up, and got to waiting. Zeb (11 yo old) fell asleep right before the midwife and her trainee got there.  Me, Evan and Shauna waited up.  It is always special to hear that first baby cry, how mad it sounds.  But sadly, I didn't get to hear this one.  Mama said she didn't cry, just squeaked.  It was before 12 PM when Mama was headed towards the ER, and Shiloh was born somewhere between 9:30 and 10 PM.  My Little Lady girl.  She sleeps and eats like a champ! And she is the most photogenic baby I have ever seen! 

Now we are nine.

Ruby {Bitsy}.

And now, Little Miss Shiloh!


  1. Congrats Ashley!!!!! Your family is SO adorable!!!!!!! :D Shiloh is the most beautiful baby!!!!!! :D I'm very happy for you!!!!

  2. Awww congrats! She is sooo cute!

  3. Congratulations on your new baby sister! She is so beautiful, just like your mom. :) Evan was shaken up? Wow. Okay, I was a little surprised to hear that, lol! :P Tell your family I say hi and I give them my love.


  4. Congrats! She is so sweet!!!!! :) :D <3


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