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Hey!  Hey!  I'm here.  You happy?  It has been like a century and a half since I did I REAL post.  Giveaways don't count.

Wha's up girl?  You are probably saying.  Well, I wish I had a real maavulus answer like 'I went to Paris' or 'I got a book published, and the publicity is taking away all my time'.  But I can't.  In fact, life has given few fun-balls lately. 

So, I thought I'll start out with some recent reads!
{Swoon}  I GOT IT!!!!!!  I so happy.  I read it one day.  It actually took me THAT long.  I got ^That^ cover as well.  Which made me double-y happy!
And HERE is a link to pics on our Independence day reunion!
I've been writing and I'm starting to get burned out.  Why is writing so HARD? 
 The first one.
 Optimus Prime and Megatron.B
BumbleBee!!! ♥♥  I love BB!!

The 2nd one.  We might watch this one tomorrow.

We all had some serious dancing going on when this one came out on the 3rd!!  Oh, looks like Sam got himself a new girl!  It would've been SO SO SO fun to've watched it in the theater...but looks like We'll just have to wait until Netflix releases it.  Or Redbox.  Either one.

I liked BumbleBee.  And Prime.  And Jazz.  But Jazz dies...{Sniff}....And I hear Prime dies in #2, but he comes back to life, so all is ok.  If Prime stayed dead..I'd have some problems.   My Brothers keep telling me that they hope BumbleBee dies in the third.  He better not.
I actually think I'm more into this then my Motor-head bros are.  Weird.

Another movie I loves.  Isn't his faces to die for??


I'm just rambling now...ain't I?

Who has watched this? We've been enjoying this show a lot.  Of course, we don't have cable, so we watch it via Netflix.  Best site around man!  But, back to the point, the things they find!!!  Now I want to go picking!!! I know a few good places to start as well.....

And school.  School. School.  Have you ever tried to finish 2 grades in 1 year?  No?  Well, you ought to try it sometime so you can know how I feel!

Thats about it folks.  Sorry I can;t do more...but I should REALLY go eat.  Eating, its so over rated, right? Oh well...There is more I want to blog about, like The 4th's fireworks, my cute bro, my bucket list, some awesome mail I got,  ya know, stuff like that.  I guess it just gives me something to blog about later....

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  1. American Pickers is like one of my FAVORITE shows!!!


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