Ma vie; mon jour

Vous pouvez toujours le jazz jusqu'a particulièrement ennuyeux, aussi banales post par ajouté un peu de Français!
 (You can always jazz up a particularly boring, humdrum post by added a bit of French! ) 

French truly is a beautiful language. I'm hoping to learn it before I die.  Which, hopefully, will be a long while yet!

My day has been a not very glamorous one, I've spent a good time sewing, and teaching my Mom how to use Polyvore, she catches on pretty quick!  I showed her some on my outfits I'd put together and she said, "YOU did those?!".  Proud Mother's rock.  Would you like to see my faves?

Fall on the town

I LOVE the colors on the one! Browns, Burnt Oranges, The sunglasses, mmmm, it come together so beautifully!

Spy Plan

My brother's like this one best....Come on, look at the Spy plane? What can you expect from guys? However, I totally dig that jacket!

Lets Dance

Lets Dance by addyirish featuring yves saint laurent sunglasses

Those glasses! Oh, yes. And the shoes?! Ahhhh... 

So,  I've been slightly busy on Polyvore, which is an awesome site, BTW.

I've done little writing, however, it was NOT my fault.  I lost momentarily set aside in an unknown place my notebook with my currant novel.  However, yesterday morning, one of my sisters found it.  Bless her little 'eart!  Hopefully I can finish typing up chapter one, and sending it to my lovely friends who double up as proof readers tonight! 

I've been keeping pace on my 365...Oh, y'all didn't know about it? Well, I will have to fix that here and now! You can go HERE to view my account at the official website, but I also post the pictures on my photography blog once a week, and when I do, I put them on my Photography Facebook page.  
But I have been faithful to 365, and I am totally LOVING it!  I didn't know how I'd like this arrangement,  ya know, HAVING to take a picture a day, but I've been persuaded. This program ROCKS! And, ya know, you don't have to start Jan. first, one of my friends (I follow her on the 365 site, she is JustPeechyKeen) she started in December. So, you can start whenever you so like.  I just started on the new Year, because I'm OCD, and couldn't live with the off balance of NOT starting then. 

I'm drinking Warm tea right now.  Heaven.
Ya know, I think there are two things I need to get into.
1) The Hunger Games. 
My library has the first two books, and they are NOT on hold (However, Joanna, you move one finger towards them...and I'll reserve them! *evil laugh)! I'm hoping to get them before to long! Then, if I simply go crazy and love them, I'll pester my parents into watching the movie! 
2) Dr. Who.  I've heard so many great things, but the one episode I half watched was...less then great.  One of my friends (Kayla) says we must be watching the wrong Doctor...Who's out there...What is the best Dr. in your opinion? Because unless y'all can convince me it gets better, I'll stick with MY Holographic Doctor from Star Trek.
You know what, make that three things, as I think there is a third.

3) Sherlock Holmes BBC.
I know, Joanna, He and Watson shouldn't have even KNOWN about each other then, and it is all screwy, but I might be able, if it is good, to set aside by prejudice, and watch them. It seems so FUNNY, and well...Funny Sherlock stuff just can't be beat.

Anybody remember Blue's Clues?
So,  C'est tout ça est dans ma vie ...(Thats about all thats been going on in my life...)  Except Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek.  Have I ever told you how Awesome Chakotay, B'Elanna, and the Doctor are?

Yours 'till I'm not:


  1. I decided that if you get the Hunger Games before me, it's okay. I've got 3 books to read before I get those. Completed one today! It was a joyous occasion! ;D And I'm considering Sherlock as well. Sounds very funny. Especially the 2nd one. Oh the best doctor ever?? DR. HOUSE! jk jk =p (I know that's not what you meant...)

  2. I love that orange tunic top! <3 And I also hope to learn French someday. And I really like the new BBC Sherlock (Season 1 anyway. I haven't seen Season 2 yet, though I want to watch Hounds of the Baskerville so badly!!). It's pretty dark, compared to the books, but it does stay true to the spirit of the books, and Cumberbatch and Freeman are amazing.


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