I checked out the book last Thursday. I finish the book on Friday.  I loved the book from chapter 2 on.  I loved The Phantom since the first letter.   I cried for him as I finished the book.  I cried, for his broken heart, yet the little bit of good that showed.  Erik isn't all bad.  He is just unloved, and lonely.  He gave up Christine for her own happiness.  The poor man, with not even a last name.  Just, Opera Ghost. Just Phantom. Just Erik. Just poor poor Erik.

Written in prettier times, when the Opera thrived. When the Theatre was the social place, not the mall.  When ladies wore gowns, and Gentlemen wore suits and swords.   Oh! What would I do, just to step back in time!

Raoul was wonderful in his own right.  Not the same in my heart as Erik, but, he was ok.  However, I really don't see what Christine saw in him. Yeah, he is a rich Viscount,  He was 'nice', but he was also a love sick puppy.  Maybe thats what Christine loved so much.  His dogged love for her even willing to rescue Christine when my big bad Erik had her. (Notice, I said MY?)

I have asked myself, Why do I prefer Erik over the hero Raoul?
I think it is becasue of two reasons:
1) I always tend to like the melancholy, lonely, guys in novels/Books. And guess what? Those sorts are always the bad ones.
2) I pity him.  Whats not to pity? This poor, poor guy! His Father left him when Erik's Mother when their 'demon' was born.  And his Mother was terrified of him.  Never allowing him to love her, or be loved by her.  then, he signed up for a Circus, being a freak show, "THE LIVING SKELETON!".
And, when he left the circus tent life, he wasn't ever loved for who he was, but always was a source of interest.  Erik never was loved, or could love anyone.  Naturally, when Christine Daae showed even the slightest bit of favor towards him (She hadn't seen him yet, either), he jumped at the once in a lifetime chance to be loved.  Lo, however. It wasn't to be.
Erik, was never fully normal.
(Note, all these details might not be the movie. Gerard Butler is a much handsomer Erik then the book portrayed.)

Raoul, however, was petted and loved all his life.  Why should we feel like he needs our love and favour? No. I have given my preference to Erik. And he shall keep it.

I giveth thee my devotion, oh Erik.  Here is my heart, thou might keep it, forever!

Enough Fan girly ness.
The End.
Till next time.


  1. i agree with ya. the phantom is so mysterious that u want to know so much more about him. :)

  2. My friend Mikayla (mikayla-raye.blogspot.com) has an OBESESSION with POTO!

    Must re-follow your blog.... It hasn't be showing up in my reader...

    1. Your friend sounds awesome! Going to follow her now...☺

    2. PHANTOM!!! I saw the stage show twice (once in New York and once in London) and hands down, it is my favorite version ever.

      Have you heard of the "Love Never Dies" sequel? Saw it in London, too. SO AMAZING.

  3. Oh, my friend and I are too!

    I've read the book, and watched the movie!

    <3 it!

  4. Should I like... read this book?

  5. I've been meaning to read this book....maybe I can convince my mom to give me it for required reading...I am reading the classics. Lol. Anyways, about your love for Loki - I'll keep posting Loki pictures, just for you end I, eh? Everyone else can accept the fangirl screaming inside them or ignore it. :P Anyways, darling, gotta run, working on a blog post!


  6. Hey Ashley, you won a prize in the Author's Giveaway. Head on over to my blog to see what it is you won!


  7. Hahaha that "caution keep you hand at the level of your eyes" is SOOO funny i've actually seen that one before! You've found some great pictures there, especially that last one!

  8. Oh, and I LOVE your playlist too. ROCKING songs.
    Have you heard "Phantom of the Opera" by Nightwish? It's one of my fave versions... ('cept the guy who sings for Erik is lousy)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5SUSmedMm8


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