A gray sorta day

Last post before I go on my little vacation! Shall y'all miss me? Of course not, you shall have three ( at least! I'm always open for more!) lovely guesters here, and I will certainly be back before you can say,"bananas and walnuts!" (brownie points to getters of that).

Anyway, I didn't do much packing, oh, did I say packing? Must mean I'm going somewhere...
But I did slack on my packing, and therefore shall have to stay up some sort of late to accomplish it.

Today was a gray sort. Over cloudy, threatening to rain, my sort of day. So, to go along with the mood, I wore my gray dockers pants, a grey/white striped shirt, and black boots. Boots go well on any day.

Then, I had to return some books to the library, because their due back date is one when we'll be gone. I wanted to check out book 2 in the Inheritance Cycle, but some fool had them all. Oh dang. What sort of sucker takes all the books to a series? Oh, that's right. My kind.

Then, we (mama and me) also went to the bank so I can get a checking account...so I can open an etsy. The fools again! At Cadence bank, you can't open a checking account until you are 18. WHA? What will teens with jobs do? Ok, so we drove ourselves to the other bank across town, which allows 16s to actually get a checking account. So, whenever I get home from my week long trip, I'll start getting Avalyn running along, and I'll do a post. Also, I'll start sponsoring giveaways. In case I have any interested.

Anyway, I need to make dinner, and then start packing. Oh, and since I'm bringing my Jack Russell, I need to probably bathe her too....

See you Sunday!

P.S, this whole post was done on my iPhone, proud?


  1. wow on your iPhone?!?! Awesome (:

    lol. I saw the word brownie and I said "what where?!?!" :O

    1. It took my two times longer then a normal post... But I did it!

  2. awsome it was a grey day here too. Hope you have a great time on vacation :)

  3. Haha--yes, I'm also one of those people who checks out whole series, or significant volumes of them. :) And for posting on the iPhone, I *do* think that's impressive. I'm still trying to get used to touchscreen keyboards...

    1. Yeah.... I didn't leave any Redwall books for any other person. They all sat on my shelf. Lol

  4. So proud! ;D I could never blog on my iPod. Oh, and everytime you said "Fools!" I laughed and read it like Basil Rathbone.

  5. Hope you have a great trip! Oh I love Jack Russels!
    I want a checking account O_O but yeah what are kids with jobs supposed to do?!


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- Blaise Pascal