I must be bad, or something!

I saw this test, and never minding I haven't seen almost all the moves, or read the books from anything on here, I wanted to see out I came out with.

Sith? Goody! I've always wanted to be a Sith!!

Werewolf? Okayyyy...

Romulan? They can be awesome, though, not as awesome as the Borg.

According to Wikipedia, the weeping angels are bad. Look them up, you'll see.

And Slytherin? Also not good...

What monster am I?!? Lol

This test brought to you by Blakeney Manor.

Find out:Which Scarlet Pimpernel character are you?

Add Chauvelin to the list...


  1. Hey, I tagged you at my blog. :) http://throughtwoblueeyes.wordpress.com/2012/02/23/the-11-tag/


  2. LOL! Great post!

    Also, I tagged you on my blog!

  3. Thanks for sending me the link. :) I will post it in a few days.



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