Ma journée {entry 1}

We biked again today, and, it was a lot easier.  I can feel the in shape ness already!  I didn't get saddle sore (thumbs up) and I didn't nearly die, which was really wonderful.   I did 8 miles, and, yeah, was tired, but not the same drop, "I'm DYING!" tired.

Then....We managed to get ourselves to church.  At least, the end of it. :-D

Then, we got home, and rewarded ourselves by watching Star Treks.  Ya know, I'm actually getting slightly tired of Star Trek.  When that is been pretty much the only thing you've watched for close to a year....it wears on you.  I'm hoping to watch a new t.v series soon.  Maybe Dr. Who, or the BBC Sherlock?
Anyway, I like Seven of Nine, and it's fun to walk like her.  But you know what is really fun?  To talk like the Tak Tak.
If you have a Netflix account, watch the Star Trek: Voyager Season 3 Episode 12....You can watch the Tak Tak 'talk'.  I like saying, "Your Forgiven" In Tak Tak.  It is rather fun.  Spread your left hand out, and place the thumb on your nose.  Then, spreading your fingers on the right hand, place the R.H's thumb on the L.H's pinkie.  Now, wiggle your fingers, and bend down slightly.  You are saying, "Your Forgiven" in Tak Tak.  Me and the brothers have been making up different words/movements.  We are probably very funny looking.  Actually, scratch that, we ARE funny looking.

Right now, while writing this flaming wonderful (Masquerade/Why so silent?  That is such a pretty/epic song.  I like singing and/or listening to it.

(Joanna, I'll already know all the songs by the time we get around to watching it! lol)

You know what would make a great flash mob?  Doing the Masquerade song and dance in a mall.  Don't take my idea, hear now?  Me and my brothers are already looking into buying masks and wondering how well Mall Security would like guys to carry swords around. 

So, this has been my day, in the rough version.  I decided not to post the Bike pictures, as I just did that, and didn't want to burn you lovely readers out. KWIM?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the title is 'My day' in french.  'Ma journée' is so much more prettier.  I want to learn French.

♫What a pity that the Phantom can't be here!♫

P.S.  I want Cerberusa, the three headed guard dog of Hades.  It's amazing, conversations with friends can start out, asking what your favorite color is, to talking about Cerberusa, and Hades, and Greek Myth.  I like Hades, he's cool.

Oh, and for Nova:


  1. whoa. i riden my bike in years. i can't seem to find it in my dads shed. so much cludder everywhere. the three headed dog reminds me of hagreds dogs on harry potter. :)

  2. But it isn't fair! You'll be singing with the movie D: Sarah and I shall stuff cookies down your esophagus to shut you up! bahaha. Oh and I like your new page xD


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