Phantom of the Opera

So, Ever since I read the novel (by Gaston Leroux) I have loved POTO, and now, I REALLY REALLY want to own the movie. Must. Buy. From. Wal-mart. Soon. And I have listened to ALL the songs. And for awhile, I sang them, without thinking. Well, one day, while singing 'Wishing You Were Somehow Here' with Christine, I made a realization. With a few tweaks and much practice, I could very likely copy her voice. And, so my musical journey began. Ask my family, I sang that song none stop. I sang it in the shower, I sang it while washing dishes, I sang it while working, while playing, all. the. time.  And, with much practice, I now can do a fairly good mimic of Emmy's voice in that particular song. It is, in fact, a very easy song to copy her voice in. High enough to have some practice involved (I naturally used to sing lower notes, but since trying to copy her voice, my voice has actually changed, and I now sing higher), but not terribly high, not at all like 'Phantom of the Opera' is. But, it has been my goal to sing Phantom of the Opera. I had tried, and failed. I couldn't get the last really high notes without cracking and running out of breath.  So, instead I went back to WYWSH. Perfecting it, just singing it.  But, I'd like to one day play Christine Daae in a play (don't talk to me about my hair color...it can be fixed). That would involve singing ALL the songs. And so, I've gotten to work.

And today.

I did it.

I sang it.


High notes, low notes, everything.

I've never felt prouder, and worst at the same time.  Does anybody know how much the song hurts? really, stretching my vocal muscles that much was painful. But, I didn't stop. Like a dancer with bleeding feet, I had to continue.  I gave myself a headache from lack of oxygen, and from the pure pressure on my head from singing so high. My lungs hurt terribly, they felt stretched and pulled (and they probably were). My throat felt tired (if you know what I mean. It didn't *hurt* or feel *stretched* just, tired feeling) And I couldn't catch my breath for a couple of minutes. But I did it. I sang Phantom of the Opera.

I felt so entirely proud, I felt like I had completely something so big.

True, it wasn't perfect, I slipped up twice where I took longer getting my breath between lines then Emmy did (how does she do it?). I have a lot more practice to do before it is perfect. And I need to perfect my higher notes still.  It just makes my heart happy to know, Emmy had 5 years of Voice lessons, and I've had none. Absolutely none. That doesn't mean I don't want them. I do. I'm just happy I can mostly sing like a 5 year graduate of voice lessons, and Musical singer, and all that goodness.

However, I just tried to sing it, and messed up big time. I think my voice needs more rest then I thought. It cracked out on my early on, poor little vocal muscles, am I working you too hard? GET USED TO IT SUCKERS!

Signed with a white mask,
P.S Does those huge concrete angels give you shivers as well? They look like huge Weeping Angels!! Don't turn your back Christine!!


  1. I love POTO!

    I read it last year, and saw the movie at my friend's house a couple months ago.

    I love to sing 'Think of Me', but my friend Abbey (who is way more obsessed them me), sings much better them me, and can copy Eric's voice perfectly.

    I'm jealous ;)

  2. HAHA, I love Phantom of the Opera!! My sister and I used to sing The Phantom of the opera back and forth all the time--we still do! Emmy Rossum's voice is absolutely stunning. :)

  3. I've had a year or two of vocal lessons, and Phantom is definitely one of my favorite musicals to sing {along with Wicked}. There's no doubt about it --I am a soprano. I've never been ever to sing low notes. We're talking *really* high --as in, I can't sing anything lower than the A below middle C. But my problem isn't hitting the notes: it's singing them loud enough.

    Love music, love Phantom. <3


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