Friends, are what make it all worthwhile
Just try and show a little style
And life can put a smile
On your face
-Love Always Comes As a Surprise-


I feel particularly sassy and sarcastic today, and weird. and wired. It probably has something to do with the fact that I've eaten more sweet things today then I have in the last 3 months. yay, go me.  I've also pumped out some pretty awesome writing today, so, I guess it's a little bit of a win-loss.  

Hey, guys, I have a huge confession.

Ha ha ha.

Blogger keeps turning my font into italics, and I'm losing the fight with myself to keep changing it. gershgershgersh.

I laughed like RumpleStilken today. I made myself very proud of Me, then, I realized laughing like a maniac villain who I haven't even watched wasn't a very good idea. 

I realize I should be writing, but, well, I'm kinda at a difficult place, so I'm chickening and just blogging instead. Hey, I could be doing worse things....like Tumblr.

I have another confession...I'm not a big Scottish accent fan, much preferring the Irish accent, but, Gerry has a beautiful accent. He really does. 

You will notice, I'm still typing in Italics.

And, I just noticed my font is smaller too. It's not intentional, I accidental didn't change it from the beginning song lyrics. oops. and i'm lazy right now. oh look. i didn't capitalize. 
nanowrimo is teaching my some very bad habits of not fixing typos and stuff.
in fact, i've just kinda gotten to where i just let the word doc tell me if stuff will be fixed, and some of it is fixed automatically. thats really nice.
really really nice.

i probably look either a) really lazy or b) really copycat right now, since i'm all 'small font, no capitals' right now.
but i swear im not.
i'm just tired, and ive been writing all day.
and i'm feeling strangely wired too.
i just feel strange. lets leave it at that.

i'm always strange though......

i have a question. 
if you argue with an idiot, are you the bigger idiot for arguing with someone of lesser intelligence then you? and if that is the case, then that would automatically make the other guy the lesser idiot, which would mean you are arguing with someone of greater intelligence then yourself, which means you wouldn't be the greater idiot, so would that automatically shift you to the lesser idiot?

and that probably made no sense.

go to bed, ashley. you're tired.

good night strange world. actually, i might write more....
or go to bed.
or write....
or tumblr.
tumblr is always a good idea.

(Oh, I am almost at 40K! YAYAYAYAYA me!)

ya know, that capitalized stuff is pretty nice....no. ocd, kick in. now. now. ocd, where are you? tell me i need to spell things right. why are you failing me?


Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.
- Blaise Pascal