Villainous deeds indeed

I have a deep confession to make....

"I love Villains".

Its sadly very true.  I spend more time dreaming over the baddies in novels and books.  So, therefore, it's hardly no surprise that my NaNo novel is pretty depended on my villain. In fact, I have 'written' enough background on my Naranbaatar/Narl that I can probably write a book for him..which I totally should.

Anyway, I'd thought I should write a post about some of my favorite Villainous boys.

Should it be any surprise Loki is number one of this list? I mean, come on, honestly....

Is this the face of a malicious man? No? Yes? Well, whatever you answer, Loki is one of the coolest Villains. Coolest in many ways. He is the god of mischief. I can't help but think, I'd be good friends with Loki. And even in Mythology, He didn't do things to be bad, but to entertain himself. A trickster. A Joker. A cutie clown.  Of course, Tom Hiddleston playing Loki does influence that like factor.......Now, granted, he is much more bad in The Avengers, but I still think he isn't terrible.  Ok, no, he is terrible....but it all stems from being the innocent prankster somewhere down deep.  You all have permission to call me physco now.

I honestly don't understand why I adore Durza....But for some reason, he seemed to be so much, more, then Eragon.  I was heart broken when he Durza died. I mean, come on, the most powerful Shade, gone because he lost his attention because a Dragon came through the roof...honestly? Honestly? Honestly?
I went through the second book moping over his death, and groaning each time because he wasn't there.
And I hated Eragon with a fury.
But, in book 3, I realized Eragon wasn't all that bad, and decided, him being the hero after all, I should try my hardest to like him. And I did.
But I still do a little heart sob whenever Durza's name comes up....

Oy! It's everybody's favorite 12 year old Criminal master mind, Artemis Fowl!
From the moment I opened the book, I went, "Oh, this is a badass kid. I love him" and ever since, I've had mized emotions on this Young Moriarty. He is 12, I'm 16. I think I've grown to respect and adore in a big sisterly way.  Not so much outright adore. Though, I could. If he was older.
(Ya know its bad when you think, "If this boy was older, I'd love him" and he is fictional...*facepalm*)
But, of course, there is no discrediting Butler. I have said on many occasions I want a Butler like that.
Artemis embodies the little child in all of us, the child who still believes in Fairytales, with the cold cunning of a crime lord. How much better can it really get?

{I have not, in fact, watched OUAT, but that does not affect my ever bounding affection for this giggling Villain}.  The first I ever saw of Rumpel was the traditional fairytale that, lets face it, is stupid. (Maybe i shall do a post on the stupidity of fairytales....).  I am rather pleased with the way Once Upon A Time redid this 'lovable' fellow.  The second I saw of him was a youtube video of him laughing in different scenes.
There is a phrase I'm looking for...oh...
"Hook, line and sinker".
How does someone so horrid be so adorable at the same time?  I have since watched every youtube video of him and Belle I could get my fangirl hands on. And, I have literally no idea how someone could hate him.  Durza, Loki, yeah, I can understand where they might have haters. But what is there to hate on this adorable little giggling bad dude?
Someone once told me they didn't like him becuase he is the villain, my reply?
"Well. Hate him then. I adore him. MY LITTLE SUNSHINE EVIL DARLING!"
So there.

I'm not going to say much, since it's hard to concentrate on not blinking, and thinking up something witty to say....moving on....

Dracula was the first Villain I actually loathed. Yet...liked because he had won the loathe award. Ah, why am I so complicated? I have not watched any Dracula movies, just read the book (I actually haven't finished it...I need to do that...). And I won't let myself read it unless its late at night, and I'm the only one awake, because, that's just the way it should be read, in the dark, where every noise makes you squeak and dive under your blankets, as if that will ever protect you..... XD

No list of villainous punks would be complete with Jim (or James, whatever you prefer) Moriarty.  I was always intrueged by the Professor Moriarty in the story, and rather bummed out that he only had one story. I always wondered, who really, was this great man?
 The Basil Rathbone Moriarty was alright, except for the fact that he was 'killed' and yet, survived each time he came up, and had a complete change of face later on:
Which, was rather disgruntling, but, hey. Plastic Surgery can work wonders....I guess....

And then I saw Daniel Davis' portrayal as The 'honorable' Professor. In one Star Trek episode, they portrayed such a different, and yet, same, Moriarty then I had ever known, and it launched my love for this great baddie.   It showed a strangely human (Human...ehehehehehehe. Seeing how Moriarty was a holograph....And yes, that was a Loki laugh) Moriarty, one who actually was a person, and not just an embodiment of bad guy.
Daniel paved the way to big finale....
Andrew Scott=Best Moriarty ever. 

And then, to be fair, we can't leave Jared Harris' Mo out....

He did play a rather good Professor Moriarty, I like how they showed his 'Professor' side. Something the other portrayals of him seem to forget....He ISN'T just a bad guy.
But he is one mega Villain all the same.

And that concludes my favorite men of Villainous deeds, but, in any line up, we have our runner upers:

The Nazgul. I just like them. They be coolio. No reason, no argument to back myself up, I just do.

Ok, come on. I'll admit, the only reason Gru is a runner up is because, One) He isn't a villain at heart and Two) He is such a cliche villain. But, he pulls the cliche off very well....

I'd like to take a moment to think on this man's total badness. I mean, he is bad.  Truthfully, he should be more then a runner up. But, this is a list of my favorites, and he just isn't one of them.  He is a good Villain, a bad villain, a kick butt villain, a horrifying Villain, and honestly, a believable villain. He doesn't yell, but is soft spoken, he doesn't torture you (Unless you happen to be a certain fashion designer named Cinna...) but instead locks you in a room with poisons berries. But, like I said, this was a list of my favorites, not the best. 
President Snow truly is right up there with the best.

I honestly planned on putting Palpatine up in my favorites, but upon thinking about it, I decided to move him down here. He just isn't my favorite. Thats Darth Vader, and I've never considered Vader a villain...rather, an anti-hero, or lost hero, or Hero-what'cha-will. 

First off, let me state, Onceler is adorable.  Even his Greedler self is adorable.  I'm currently putting together a cosplay of his striped pants, vest and cute little hat.  
But He isn't truly the villain in 'The Lorax', At least not in the movie, and not really in the children's book either.  SO I can't really classify him as a 'favorite villain' but a 'favorite animated movie character'? Oh yes.  His face is now on my Laptop screen, my iphone lock and home page. 

I realize Mr. Joker deserves to be way higher on this list, but I haven't watched Batman, only the funny Joker clips, so here he stays.  But, Le Joker wins le reward for being able to make us laugh while still being horrified at his actions.

And, this is the end,  since I have the feeling I'm just pulling villains out of my head now, whether I like them or not, since I am enjoying this post so much. I should do more posts on Villains...actually no. The fact that I'm enjoying putting down all my favorite baddies might actually be disturbing...I should probably see a Doctor, the mental sort, for that...

So, thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree? who would you add to this list? Nothing pleases me more then comments, except chocolate, ya know. ^.^

Signed off with a computerish whirring noise, since this is a scheduled post, 
and therefore, controlled by the lovely thing that is blogger:


  1. I've learned to appreciate and even like villains the past year; I have a rather large crush on The Joker and he surpassed Darth Vader on my favorite villains list (you really need to see his movie you will LOVE him!) And, of course, I love Loki to death. Moriarty, Palpatine, and Dracula are also large favorites. :)


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  3. Oh my gosh, TWINS. I have a confession to make, I love villains too. I concern my mother. But at least you get the sick obsession as well. First, I adore Loki too. He's so misunderstood and just a trickster like you said. It's all that sweetness mixed with trouble that made me fall in love with him. Second, I agree with all your villains that I recognize (Joker would be up on your list if you'd seen him in action) Moriarty in SH in Game of Shadows is one of my mom's favorites, but I personally like Lord Blackwood in the first movie. I have so many more villains I like and have fallen for several of them. xD

    1. I make my whole family nervous. XD

      My mom told me I wasn't allowed to name my future sons Sherlock and Moriarty, because she knows I would. XD And a Mycroft. can't forget Mycroft.

  4. dfsajl;kfdas;dsl MORIARTY

    Loki and Moriarty are definitely at the top of my list, as far as villains go. I like Darth Vader too. Oooh and if we're talking Expanded Universe Star Wars characters, Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ysanne Isard top that list. You'd like Isard...oh one-to-blame. ;) She's insane, completely evil, and quite ruthless. But she's smart. That's why i like her, she's tactical and cunning. ;D

    Excellent post dear friend!!!! <3 xoxo


      eh hem.

      I'm not big on EU, but Thrawn is just so many yes.

  5. Moriarty is a great villain (though my favorite is Eric Porter's version). Funny you should mention Daniel Davis, as I *just* saw that episode yesterday for the first time! The Borg is my newest all-time favorite villain - technically not one person, but it really made me a fan of TNG.

    1. You'd really like Star Trek Voyager, then. It has A LOT of Borg episodes. It really shows the Borgs in so many more lights.

  6. Okay, so I found your blog through Penny Kearney, and I was just reading your most recent post where you list the music that popped up on shuffle and my mouth is just dropping farther and farther open because most of those songs I've listened to recently and are some of my favorites.
    And then this post. Eragon. Durza. Moriarty. Palpatine. Gru. Nazgul.
    This is wonderful beyond words!

  7. This is Trinity's sister. I just wanted to say that you like Artemis and therefore I like you very much. That's all!


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