reasons why i am a night lover

Night: (nahyt)

1. the period of darkness between sunrise and sunset

2. the dark

1|| for I love the stars more than the clouds. 

2|| day is noise. night is silence. and peace. 

 3|| there is no mystery during the day. and yet, during the night, even well known sounds and sights become mysterious. 

4|| people are asleep. this doesn't need further explanation. 

5|| with night comes creativity. artists and writers and world shakers come alive. 

 6|| at night, every noise seems greater. and therefore you can hear things you would have never heard during the day. 

7|| because the moon is soft and the sun is harsh. 

8|| because during the night, i feel closer to God. when looking at the stars, it's almost as if I can see him. 

9|| because mornings are rotten. that's why. mornings are an interruption to dreams and comfort and mornings are busy and never relaxed. 

10|| because some of my best memories come from staying up far too late with friends and being so tired, and yet not realizing we are tired, and laughing at everything and taking offense at nothing. 

11|| because, at night, in the dark, I'm gently reminded that the world is dark in ways the sun cannot light. and yet the Son can. 
 12|| at night you cannot trust yours eyes. you must rely on every sense God has given you. 


-photography is mine-


  1. This is beautiful, Ashley. I would seriously print this up and put it on my wall, to set my perspective straight.

    1. oh, you are too sweet. Honestly, its just a bunch of jumbled thoughts about night just rather arranged in number format.

      (but, my prideful self says, if you want to print this out, that is quite alright with it. I smacking said prideful self)


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- Blaise Pascal