surprisingly this post is not about Bucky


Surprisingly, seeing how I spent most of the movie excited and crying and hurting and just plain out feeling for him.
This post is, instead, about the hero and our lovely red headed red ledgered master assassin.

When the stills for The Winter Soldier started coming out, I got caught up in the Captain Widow rage.  They seemed plain out perfect for each other, and Cap's earlier sweetness to her in The Avengers gave me plenty of fodder.  I thought it would only be made worse after watching The Winter Soldier, but actually, I'm back to Clintasha, so, oh well on that.

But let me talk to you about Steve Goodguy Rogers.

Steve was always kinda those 'eh' characters to me. I mean, I like him! I really do! I connect with him quite well (always kinda being out of the loop on current topics) but, he isn't my type.
But, that hasn't kept me from loving him like I am right now.

One of my favorite Avengers scenes is actually not even about Loki (surprising thing number two?), but Cap and Tasha.    The scene where that massive explosion happens, Thor is back there...staring into the light like it's the heart of the tardis or something, and Natasha covers herself, with Steve covering her from behind.
This scene really got me as stellar.
Even though there is this burning explosion behind them, an alien army pouring from the sky, Steve protects the lady.
And whats even sweeter, is that Natasha is completely able to take care of herself, and I think he knows this 100%.  But just because she is totally kick butt and can hold her own against practically anything, that doesn't mean she should be left undefended. 
It's not being a prince charming that rescues a defenseless maiden, its called being a gentleman who respects a lady's ability to make it on her own while still taking care of her.

And Steve does this again and again on The Winter Soldier.   Protecting Tasha, shielding Tasha, making sure Tasha is safe,

she's the only girl on a team of big beefy guys, (a couple of them are even practically indestructible) and good guy Cap makes it his duty to assure that she is safe and protected.  Steve Rogers, who while is super charged, isn't indestructible,  and could be hurt by the same things that could hurt her, puts himself last and shields her with himself and his iconic shield. 

I dunno guys but Steve Rogers doesn't just take the cake, he bakes it and ices it too. 

ok, and now, here is the part where you ask, "Oh, Ashley, so, you aren't going to talk about Bucky?" 
and here is the part I get all emotional and lose the actual ability to type anything meaningful and so I leave you with gifs and a general idea that I am far too emotional over this topic to actually discuss it at this moment.

and this is the afore mentioned part where I leave.
good day sir
i am done


  1. YES. amen and amen. Steve shielding Natasha is my favorite.
    I really love it when guys are protective. Because it's not like the girl can't protect herself, but the guy still wants to protect her and I think it's so sweet.
    ....I'm not sure if that made sense.
    Your post made sense.
    oh well.
    thank you and goodnight -salutes-

  2. At last, a blog post to Steve and not Bucky. I mean, I love Bucky to death but I haven't been seeing many posts about Steve from this movie. And Steve, as you've pointed out, is obviously awesome!!


  3. I liked Bucky too...until I watched Amazing Spiderman 2 and discovered Harry Osborn. :)


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