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:About Death Bringers:

Brume, a cold and foggy city edged by the sea is the gateway between the different lands.  Brume knew nothing of the magic within the world and the whisps of magic that did seem into their borders was viewed as trickery or falsehoods...until the Death Bringers.
Men with magic in their fingers that brought death to whatever they touched came to Brume, slipped through the cracks of society and set themselves up as gods in the land.
death became a feared thing as the death bringers cursed victims to death and awaited the dreaded black letter to be delivered to them.
Florence Ambrose expected the letter any day; born sickly and small, it was a miracle she even lived to her present year.  but when the letter is finally delivered to her family's home, but not to the person that she expected, Florence undertakes a task to undo what the death bringers have brought about, and stumbles into a world that is different than she ever imagined and that magic is closer to Brume than expected...and her own life may never be the same.

:Beautiful People - Florence: 

"What first inspired this character? Is there a person/actor you based them off?" 

Honestly...not really. Originally, when I started plotting Death Bringers, I only had the foggy idea of a sin eater, a death bringer and a old, dying life bringer (ironic because he can give life to everyone but himself). As the story unfolded, however, Florence presented herself and took on the look of Elle Fanning, but she honestly didn't become the main character right away.  All the other original ideas are still in the book and are amazing characters that I love and adore, but Florence quickly made it clear that this story was about her.

"Describe their daily routine"

 It honestly depends on how Florence feels that day.  Some days, Florence feels strong and can leave her bed.  During those days, she eats breakfast (which is normally brought to her by servants) while reading.  Florence tends to have a light breakfast; tea, buttered croissant and a fruit or berries on the side.  After breakfast, she dresses (sometimes with her sister, Genevieve's help.  Even when shes strong, too much activity wears her easily), and goes downstairs.  The rest of her day is spent reading, playing with her cat, Chiffins, visiting with any guest that stops by and socializing with her mother or sisters.  Honestly, she was bored with her life until....well. until things happen.

"If they joined your local high school, what clique would they fit into?"

This is a hard one to answer.  But, I think if Death Bringers was set in a high school theme (oh what an idea THAT would be), you'd either find her hanging out with the indie kids or the overachieving kids. maybe a mix of the both.
She'd be the girl that listens to only the obscure music and doesn't attend those jock parties because, ugh. why? 
but secretly she doesn't because she has mountains of homework just to get through being duel enrolled, she's in five different clubs and two sports.   She's not drinking that coffee just to look hip. she needs that caffeine dosage because she only slept for two hours last night.

"Write a list of things they merely tolerate. Ex: certain people, foods, circumstances in their lives..."

Florence fights a lot of things. she fights a lot of situations and refuses to be looked down on by anyone.
however, the same cannot be said for her looking down on herself.
on the days where Florence is too weak to even move out of bed, she just lays there.  Florence fights the outside world, but when the trouble is within, she tolerates it. She allows herself to be that way because she figures she can't change it.
she can change how people view her...but not how she is.
except she can.
and her days of tolerating her own weakness are drawing to the end.

"How do they react in awkward silences?"

 talking. she feels the need to break the silence and tends to make it worse, due to the awkward nature of her grabbing anything and everything to talk about.

"Can they swim? If so, how did they learn?"

No. it isn't proper for a lady to swim and even if it was...her parents were far too protective of their sick daughter to ever permit her to learn.  It's amazing they even let her take baths by herself.

"What is one major event that helped shape who they are?"

 When the death bringers came for her grandmother, and the one in the bird's mask stopped, and gave her a little ebony carved cat.  That event shaped her for future happenings.  The death bringer, his gift of the cat and his eyes, eyes she can't forget, eyes that told her that underneath the mask...was something living and breathing. All those things played deeply into her story.

"What things do they value most in life?"
Her sister, Genevieve. She would, literally, do anything for her. 

"Do they believe in giving other people second chances? Do they have any trust issues?"

 Florence is trusting to a fault.  she believes in second chances, but only two chances. after that...its over.

"Your character is having a rough day...what things do they do to make them happy again? Is there anyone they talk/interact with to get in a better mood?"

Strangely, the person who always knows what to say and how to make Florence brighten up isn't her sister, Genevieve, but rather, Florence's best friend, Leo.  Leo is her bff, her father's apprentice and the awkward duckling who is head over heels for Genevieve. Naturally Florence blesses the idea of Leovieve being a thing.
Leo always knows what words will work best at comforting her and making the worst day seem a bit brighter.  The days when Florence is bedridden, Leo visits with stories of the places he's been, the magic he's witnessed and the tiny shoulder dragons in the land of Linattu.   He's her soulmate of friendship.

there is so much more to Florence..and Death Bringers for that matter...
but, that just leaves more to tell later.


  1. Oh I like her, her name makes me think of Florence and the Machine.

  2. So for some reason I don't actually know that much about your books...SO THIS WAS AMAAAAAZING AND I LOVED READING IT AND OMG. I LOVE FLORENCE. <3 And I adore your entire book's premise. <333 *squeaks happily*


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