Our pets

Sorry I have not written in a while!!!!

No pictures this time. So I'll try my best to descibe our bunch of pets for you!

my cat is Tigger, he is a Tabbie and also very smart. he is the grandson of my first cat Toby.
Zeb has two cats, Tiger and rutardo, Tiger is a gray Tabbie and rutardo is all black with a patch of white on his chest. rutardo got his name when accidentally stepped on him, ever since he wasn't been quite right in the head:-) Kyla has two cats, Katie and pebbles both females. Shauna has three cats, smoky, princess and fog all gray and guess what, Princess is pregnant again, last thing we need, more cats!!! I think that's all the cats (so far!)

we just have two dogs (puppys really) There names are Sebastian boch( pronounced Bock, named after the composer)and little Ann. Sebastian is mine, Little Ann is Evans. They LOVE to chew on garbage and such.

Well, that's all our pets (so far!!)

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