School work

Here lately, We've been doing school work, Our subjects are science,Math,Vocabulary, social studies, Bible, Reading ( I REALLY enjoy this subject!!) ,Music ( its just book work, no instruments, ) And Language arts. Our curriculum is Christian light education ( CLE). My favorite subjects are Math, Reading, Language arts and Bible. Right now in Math I'm learning Multiplication, We are kinda behind with math, but we're picking up quickly in that area. With every other subjects I'm in Sixth grade.in each grade there are more than one book ( CLE calls them light units ) In all I've finished 16 books, 39 left. Zeb has finished 13 Books and still has 38 Books left. I sorta kinda like doing school work, but only if I am in the right mood. I did NOT think I would enjoy Multiplication, but now that I'm into it I've realized its not too bad.

Well, I've got too go I guess.
Good bye,
see ya later Alligator!

( You say, "in a while Crocodile!" )

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  1. Hi, Ashley. I must say I am impressed by the list of books you've read. I teach high school, and I'm certain that many of my students have not read that many books in their entire lives.


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