My cat Tigger

This is Tigger, for all those who haven't seen him before. I had his Mother & Grandfather, and I've had Tigger for about Four years now, and hope to have him for many more years!!! he is more of a older person cat, he doesn't like to be picked up, but likes to crawl up on your lap his terms. he just knows he is a human, so he DOES NOT eat with those "lesser" creatures (other cats) We have been allowing him to stay inside for short periods of time, He LOVES the time he gets to curl up beside our legs (mainly Zeb's) at night, Don't worry, we bought Tigger some petmeds! he is a good cat, like his mother, precious, but she too thought she was a human. oh well, I guess if they think they are more better than other felines, they make for better cats for us!!!
NOTE: Tigger is my cat. he and sebastion are the only pets that are truly mine.


  1. he looks a lot like Lily

  2. As I am writing this, my new kitten is sitting on my lap being a sweetie! :)


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