Nellie :-( :-(

She died, Daddy told us about 2 days ago, she was such a good goat, its hard to believe shes acually gone! She tryed to hold on to life for so long, she outlasted all the other sick goats but one, now we're comtemplating on what to do with Rocky and Sugar, they no longer needed Nellie, and there rather wild, we think we might be able to tame them, small chance, but it Might be possible, they would never be as tame as Nellie thuogh. Mamma & Daddy said we'd get a nother goat, but first we'd have to buy fencing, than put it up, so in total about 4 months, maybe more.

Well, this is the last report on our dear pet, and it does not end how I hoped it would.


  1. I'm so sorry about Nellie :-(.

    What kind of goat do you think you will get when the time comes?



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