Whats going on at the Hunters!

HI! I've decided that since I haven't been telling y'all whats been going on at the hunters that I'd take this post to report what has been in our life.

First, Mama has Tendonitis in her wrist, she has to to keep it bandaged up, some things shes not able to do, like brush her hair, etc. I've been putting snaps on the bibs Mama ha made, since she can do that, its just difficult for her to.

second, Our goat, Nellie, is sick, shes not wanting to drink water and shes not breathing right. They family that's keeping her for us also had there goats get sick but they have almost fully pulled out of it, but Nellie still remains sick. Mama thinks its because Nellie is a pure-bread Nubian, and the others are wood goats or in other words, Mixed breeds. Mixed breeds often are tougher than pure breads. If Nellie dies than we'll have to bottle feed her kids, Which I wouldn't mind except for the fact that Nellie would be gone, and Nellie is a really good goat.

Third, Today is the Lighthouse/GEMS ( which stands for GOSPEL EXPRESS MINISTRIES ) Auction, but Mama & Daddy decided not to go this year because we couldn't buy anything because we don't have enough $$ to do so, we also would waste money on lunch and gas, More $$, so instead we're going to see Nellie, go pick up Mama's medicine for her Tendonitis than eat supper with our friends, the Dimarcos.

Fourth, I know, I'm kinda late in talking about this, But I'm really upset Obama won!! :-( :-{ :-[
:-<, It gets worse, Almost ALL the house and senate are Dems, I t wouldn't be that way if the house & senate where reps, But nope... All Democrates!! And its funny that the democrat animal is a donkey, donkeys are'nt too smart and Elaphants are smart!

Ok....I think thats all, if I forgot somthing I'll just edit and add it,

love, Ashley

He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.

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  1. sounds like ya'll are busy! I'm sad about Obama too. :(.....see ya Sunday!


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