Garage sale

last Saturday we had a garage sale, it went pretty well, we made about $190. Evan sold hot cocoa, I was the 'cashier' for the sale. we sold leather goods, clothing, appliances, toys, movies & a few shoes. I REALLY liked being the cashier!! when we first went out it was about 5 o, clock and REALLY cold!!!!!!! Me and Mama where freezing!! I like cold weather but this was way too cold!! Evan made about $16 dollars and he charged $.50 cents per cup, so he did very well! we had it at our Friends the Dimarcos. there was this weird buzz light year toy, I was sure it would not sell, guess what? it was the first thing to go!!! than there was a VERY VERY VERY ugly purse and Mama said it would NOT sell, well, she was right, but a Lady wanted it but said it wouldn't hold all her stuff!!! :-O ( it was GROSS!!!!!!! it looked like it was torn and had a metallic brown handle and it was sorta sticky! gross!). had tons of stuff! I mean lots! we sold quite a bit and all the leftovers filled the back of our gray van! we brought it to helping hands, a thrift store in blounstown. I wasn't ready to stop when we did, but Mama's allergys where really bad,so for her sake we stopped, but when we were packing up a few people still drove up. Zeb got a Hawaii state coin, so me being a avid coin keeper, I had my eyes open for any coins that I didn't have, I really wanted Zeb's Hawaii coin, but he wouldn't give it up, so, our very last buyer paid with two Hawaii coins! yay!! so, now I have a forty state coins! ten more to go! Also, I have four gold coins, a Canada penny, a wheat penny, a Canada nickle and a bicentennial quarter.

Well, I don't think there is anything important to say, so long!!


  1. Wow! sounds like ya'll had fun!
    I'm glad you guy sold lots of stuff!
    5:oo, in the MORNING?!?, or in the evening? and how cold was it?


  2. It was 5:00 in the morning and was around 25 degrees! (cold!)

  3. brrrr... that IS cold!!!



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