My new shoes~Mudboots!

There yellow, have flowers on the inside, as you will see, they are rather comfy too! I, at first, didn't want yellow mud boots, but I don't care anymore. They match Kyla's mud boots, so Kyla was exited, and I needed some around the house shoes and they work well! no more thorns in socks! (yay!!!) :-), so, here they are!

sorry about the inside picture. oh, It is a good thing I use them for around they house, even though I like them, I'd find it hard to wear them to wal-mart, Joanns or Sam's club! but wearing them to family or Friends house wouldn't be a problem.


  1. Those is some nice yella boots Ashley!!! ;-)

    At least you didn't ware them to church on Sunday like Kyla and Roo did!!!
    They were kinda cute though! :-)

    Molly <><

  2. awww....those are pretty!


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