Our play house

The little girls like to run a 'house' so they have a play house, its not one of those buildings but a little cluster of trees, here are some photos,

our stove, just a simple old grill that Daddy does not use any more,

our kitchen, our table is at the bottom of the picture, we hadn't done the dishes that day, as you can see, ;-)

our couch, we plan on digging out seats, we just moved into our simple 'home',

the bedroom, complete with a bed, it was supossed to be hung up during the night ( the real life night, not play time night ), but it wasn't,

and our doorbell, suspended by a rope that is tied to a branch.
don't you like our 'home'? the girls sure do!


  1. WOW! I want a play house.Do you remember the letter that sayed that we are going to build a tree house? well anyway i like your play house.

  2. Yes, I remember that letter, are you starting?


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