A really chilly post

It got to about 18 degrees over here, so we put up the water hose for a cool Ice sculpture thing, this is what we got!

The inside of the tree, it was like a cave,
the van got covered in Ice on this one side,this isn't the best of pics, but you might be able to see how thick it is,
an iced over log, all of the logs that got wet from the sprinkler got iced!
the ground was covered with these ice bumbs, ;-)

Do you see anything inside of the ice cave??? :-)

this picture looks so weird! a sunny FL beach with icicles! who says FL is sunny all year around? I know, some other place up north is much colder! take note of all the icicles! the whole bottem of the van on the left side and back was covered in icicles that almost touched the ground!
the tree with shauna in front of it, lots of ice huh?

also, we've been busy with school these past couple of days so I haven't had time for blogging, I finished another lightunit in reading, only one more to go for this grade!

today we are going to visit our Friends the paytons (I hope I spelled that right, if I did not, somone please correct me!) so I best be going!


  1. Wow! Cool pics!

    And "Paytons" is spelled like this 'Peyton' And another thing, the word 'Peyton's' has a ' before the S, because you are talking about their house, and their house belongs to them so it has an 's!

    Here I am, acting like a big sister again! Sorry!! LOL!!!

    I hope ya'll have fun visiting the 'Paytons'!!!!!!

    Like my mom says,
    "I tease you cause I love you"!!!!


  2. That looks so neat! and hope you find good places for the puppies!

  3. Thank you Molly!!!

    :-) ;-) :-o :-> :-I

  4. You Are (Very) Welcome, Ashley!!! :-)



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