Puppys are born!!

Finally! We don't have very good pics, so you will have to wait for those! they where born on the 19th and 20th, Mama stayed up until like 3:00 AM, I only made it to 2:00. :-)

first born was Chevy, all black except for a streak of white on his chest,
next was Kia, she is the runt, she is a cream color,
than it is Dodge, he is Brown with some white on his back,
Geo is next, he is brown with a lot of white on his face,( special note to Molly, remember Rascals 'eyebrows'? Geo has eyebrows too!),
After Geo it is Porcha, she is white!! she is small too, but not as small as Kia,
Then it is Cherokee, he is brown with no white around his eyes, but he does have white on his tummy, chest and neck,
Last of all is Beretta, she is a beautiful tan.

Evan's favorite is Chevy,
Mine is Geo,
and Zeb's is Beretta,

little Ann (the Mama) is very protective over them, she won't growl, she'll just whimper if you have one or two out for awhile, but Puppies are so much louder than kittens! they are in the boy's room so they kept Zeb awake for awhile last night!

NOTE: you pronounce Geo's name as 'GO' the letters.


  1. Yay!!!!!! I can't Wait to see pictures!!!!!

    Okay, what kind of name is 'Porch'????


  2. Hey,
    Can I come over and see them? I'll bring Chubbs and let you see him!!:)

  3. 'Porch' is really 'Porcha'
    they are all named after cars, if you didn't notice!


  4. oh, Hannah, I guess it might be alright, let me ask mama..........She said she doesn't care!


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