Puppy pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Here they are!!

Here is Chevy, He is all black, he is around 10 in long,

This is Kia, The cute little runt, she is a whitish/tan, she is around 7 1/2 long,Dodge, it looks like he is saying"hold the picture!" ;-) (-: the white you see is mostly what there is, he does have some on his back and a bit more on his Tummy, Dodge is around 10 in long,

This Zeb's Puppy, Geo, well, he is now Russell, he is a short & Fat pup! of all the Male puppies he has the most white an him, Russell is shorter than all the Puppies exept Kia, he is around 9 in long,

Cherokee, he was being naughty and would not hold still for long!! this is the best we could get! Cherokee has some white on his back, but Dodge has more, cherokee is around 10 in long,
Porcha is white, as you can see! no tan, no black exept on her nose! Daddy says it would be neat if when her eyes open that they will be red! that would be so cool! Porcha is around 10 in long,

and chunky Beretta! she is Zeb's Favorite, but daddy said no females, so Zeb suited for Russell, but isn't Beretta such a pretty Tan?? she is a hunk of a puppy! Beretta is longer than all the puppies, she is around 11 in long.

All the Puppies eyes are opened exept Porcha's, her's are only beginning to open.

so, Molly, are you Happy now???????????????????????????



  1. ><> Molly <><February 3, 2009 at 8:39 PM

    Awww!!! They are SO CUTE!!!
    Thank You for the pictures!!
    And yes, I am VERY happy now!!! ;-).

    I can't wait to see them!!!


  2. Awwww! They are so cute!

  3. This blogging thing is totally confusing me. I like xanga much better.


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