All Better!!, I think

Yes, We are all back to normal, at least it seems like it, As most of y'all probably know All of us children got the Stomach bug that was one hard night! it felt like I would sleep for 30 minuets then stay awake for 5, it was worse when I could hear others get sick (YUCK!) luckily I was the only one in our room, everybody else slept in the living room.
the next day We just sat (or laid) around sipping Canada dry (thanks Lewis'!!) and watching movies, Ratuotoouie (Did I spell that right?) Meet the Robinsons (I LOVE that movie) The trial of old Drum (I believe that was what it was called) Gentle Ben 2 ( that is one movie that does NOT strike my fancy!) and star wars episode 5 :-). By then it was Dinner time, because none of us had gotten sick all day Mama and Daddy let us eat Chicken noodle soup ( Thanks Again Lewis Family!!!)

So, that was how we spent yesterday, Daddy got to wash ALL the Dishes :-) thankfully Mama and Daddy have not gotten sick, and most likely won't, Because today all of us Kids are back to normal! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH, Hannah, Did you Know that Frank Oz (Yoda) was half Jewish, his parents moved to England to escape the Holocaust, later he moved to America, and he also played as Cookie monster, Grover and some other sesame street carerector, Pretty cool Huh?


  1. Wow...I didn't know that!! On one Elmo that we have though, he plays the voice of a waiter... :) I'm glad ya'll are well again!!

  2. Yay! I'm glad ya'll are getting better!! :-). Sorry about your hard night, yay, at least it's over now, right! :-].
    Who in the World is
    "Frank Oz"?!
    And ya'll are welcome fer the vittles!! :-}

    ><> Molly <><

  3. Molly,
    Frank Oz is a actor in Star wars, He is also a puppeteer.

  4. Oh... Ok! No wonder I have never heard of him! :-)

    ><> Molly <><


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