Eveything and Anything

I'm feeling Nasty, I feel weak, and My throat Hurts too,
Well, lets get on A happier note,

The Dimarco family gave me Martyr's Mirror for My Birthday, it is a REALLY long book!
I intend to read it all! I am close to being down with my Camera's directions!! (YAY!!) I can hardly wait! I found out that my camera has Color swap! and it has Color accent! I LOVE my camera! it is a lot heavier than Mama's, but sometime Mama wants to get a camera even BETTER than mine, Daddy says no other children will hold or use it, I, Daddy, and Mama are to be the only poeple to handle it.

Also, Today is Evan's 11Th Birthday! the Dimarco's gave him a 20 dollar bill to spend at Bass pro shops, I do not know when we intend to go.

What else???

the Puppies are growing Quickly! Mama says they have about 2 more weeks to go! so, anybody want a puppy???????

Katie and Princess are pregnet, again, ( Wan't a Kitten?) We are NOT keeping ANY!!

well, that is that,


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  1. I'm glag you like your new camera!! :-).
    And No. No. NOO! we don't want any puppies, or kittens, so don't even ask!
    Oh, and Liberty is pregnant again too!
    Have fun learning how to use your new camera!!

    P.S I put possum pics on my blog today, so go take a look!! Please?!


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