Silly Me!!

I acted like a Blond ( I AM Blond, i guess) a few days ago!

first of all, if you do not Know what a Blond is, let me give you an example joke,

There was this blond who driving really Crazy, so this Police pulled her over, 'I'll teach her a lesson' he thought, he pulled out a piece of chalk and drew a circle on the sidewalk, " listen," he said to the Blond, " stand inside this circle and don't step out" so, she stepped inside the circle, first he pulled out a Knife and ripped her seats open, but when he turned around she was laughing! 'oh yeah' he thought, next he broke her windows, still laughing, " what are you laughing at??", he demanded, through giggles the blond said, " I stepped out of the circle THREE times, and you didn't see me!".

so, Basically a blond is a screwy lady/girl,

OK, we were headed to Tallahassee and stopped at a gas station for a potty break, now I've been in the store before, but I went to open the door to get in, but it was a one way door ' alright, I'll just go the other way' I thought, but the handle was on the inside, 'how do they expect a person to get in???' I was getting upset, well, this Man came up behind me and Opened the door, there, right at the corner of my eye was a handle, I was SO embarrassed! Wouldn't you be??


  1. LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!!!

    You are so funny!!!

    And yes, I would be embarrassed too!!! :-)


  2. wow....yes I would be embaressed too!! Go look at my sight and I'll tell you....well a rather embaressing thing that happened to ME. :) Then maybe you won't feel so bad... ;)


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