The Bosten butt cook off, Finelly!

Okay, Here is the post that everybody (well, not EVERYBODY!) has been waiting for!!

the boys putting up the tent, thanks Lewis boys!
"Wow, this is heavy"! ( Benna is trying to lift up a cannon ball, and it is iron)
the grown ups talking,
Aunt Dana and Mama talking, with Mama holding a BB ( Boston butt),

Maryvance and Shauna, I had them pose for this one though :-),

Landon, he is so cute, and I think that he likes to have his picture taken!
The little ones running ( or racing) down the....what ever it is called, (board walk?? board slide??)

the lewis family left soon after this picture.
Annaruth playing with Mr or Mrs hand, she found this glove in one of our bags and put water in it to make it a water balloon,
Kyla, Shauna and Mrs. Jennifer talking, ( the bates camped out at the Pioneer settlement as well, they borrowed our tent while We borrowed the Lewis' MUCH larger tent.)
Dinner! Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and Cookies! YUM!!

the other campers where VERY nice, they invited us to share marshmellows around a camp fire with them, and they often came over to where Daddy was smoking just to talk to Daddy.

THE 2nd DAY:
We didn't bring any Breakfast stuff, and planned for Mama to go pick up Mcdonalds as soon as possible the next day, but it took awile before she could leave, so here Annaruth is, enjoying a Reese! :-) YUM!!

Daddy folding up the Bates tent,

Daddy and Annaruth driving the Van to the parking lot so it would be out of everbodys way,

Mr. Matt and Evan ( holding Landon, I believe, Evan did a lot of Landon holding while We where there) checking out Mr. Matt's smoker,
A very pretty Moth that Shauna or Zeb found,
Checking out Daddy's Boston butts,

there was a fowl pen and the youngers enjoyed the fowl, this is of a turken, half turkey half Chicken, dont ask me how that happend, for I dont know, the pioneer settlement poeple dont ether, they said it was donated, but they did say that the donater said that it was a hen chicken and Male turkey, poor, POOR hen! Daddy says it looked like a albino vultured!
one of their three goblers, he was left out of the pen because that he and the other gobbler would fight if kept together in the same pen, they also siad that they came from wild turkeys but where bred in captividty. they had 3 gobblers and 2 hens ( I think),this is their mean rooster, he sure does look mean!!
Benna looking at the fowl, :-)
a peacock, very pretty,
Mama, Daddy and Mr stuart, talking,

Evan and Zeb playing Checkers shortly before We left.

We had a VERY fun weekend, and camping ( though it was in the settlement) was very fun, there was no partying, the only thing during the night was one person talking like all night long, and I didn't even hear it because I was asleep! :-)

so, there ya go, now I got to go, We are learning Psamls 1 by heart, and when that one is memorized, We will learn another verse, and tonight We are still learning it, for We only started this morning, BYE!!


ETA: that is by far the longest post I've EVER done!!!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I learned Psalm 1 one time....It was when I was like 9 or something...It was when we were in ATI, and we went to Big Sandy and I was in Pre-ecxel, and all the girls learned it. bye!


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